Lifestyle Magazine Issue 13 Vol.09 -04-07 July 2012


Africa’s biggest horse race is here-the Vodacom Durban July - and fashionistas are predicting the most dramatic show-stopping fashion in many years.

Azure Collection, at the Ballito Lifestyle Centre, reports that this year women seem more adventurous than usual.  There is definitely a big build-up of excitement and anticipation about what to wear for this year’s event and shoppers have really been pushing their comfort levels, comments stylist at Azure Collection, Ballito Lifestyle Centre.

They report some key trends and considerations for 2012 based on a quick scan of what the top designers produced for the July Fashion show-case as well as frequent requests from customers.

PRINTED FABRIC IS HUGE.  Think animal as well as vivid digital prints in vastly contrasting colours.

FEMININE, FLOATY, SHEER FABRICS embracing lace, net, crochet, feathers and leather accessories are making their mark.  Don't be afraid to mix textures.

NUDES AND NATURAL SHADES as well as black and white are being accented with flashes of colour - think snatches of rich scarlet and blue to enhance the drama.

EMBELLISHMENT AND ACCESSORIES ARE HUGE.  Designers have been using shells, beads, sequins, feathers to add interest.

ASYMMETRICAL LINES - off the shoulder as well as on hemlines- is a distinct design feature.

METALLIC'S, SHIMMER AND SHINE is bigger than ever given the fascination with the medals of the Olympics.

DRESS LENGTHS are varied from short in front and longer at the back, to longer sheer layers and very short skirts and dresses are being teamed with fabulous patterned tights and nettings in bright colours.

 On a more practical note, Azure stylists are advising customers buying dresses to invest in a warm wrap or satin coat for later as weather is predicted to be a little frostier than it has been of late.   If possible they also advise trying to find a “one-off” designer piece if the budget allows or alternatively taking an off -the - rail piece and making it your own with unusual and bold accessories.

 And trousers are not out of the question. A pair of tight black skinnies with a wow lace or sheer shirt and a fabulous blazer can look super sexy and sophisticated but is also practical.  

Last but not least- choose something that makes you feel fabulous and brings out the fashion goddess with us all.

Azure Collection has a range of fabulous outfits from local designers such as Leigh Schubert, Terrence Bray, Amber Jane and Jo Carlin as well as other overseas collections.

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